What Would You Do with anExtra Hour?

an extra hour a day equals an extra month per year

We try to do our best to remove obstacles that get in the way of selling. And the more time you can take away from doing some of these other things the more time you spend selling.

Need More Time Video Part 2

Episode 2

Sometimes, the only difference between a crisis and business-as-usual is how well prepared you are to handle it.

In case you missed it:
Need More Time Episode 1

We are here to help our customers be more successful by getting a better return on their investment and make bigger yields. Anytime we can take our products and services and help them do that, it’s a good feeling inside.

20% of the average workday is spent on crucial and important things while 80% is spent on things that have little or no value.

It’s really the time savings… quickness of data, quickness of connectivity, ability of being nimble on your feet. If my customer needs an hour of my time this afternoon, I’ve got that hour, let’s go.

Information is the raw material of good decisions.

But too much data — from too many sources — becomes overwhelming. Retail Efficiency Tools use computer power and interconnected productivity software programs to reduce the mountain of data to a carefully winnowed molehill of critical facts that let you make the best decisions quickly. Retail Efficiency Tools can cut hours off your weekly data mountain climbing chores, so you can better invest that time in other things that drive revenue.

What would you do with an extra hour?

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At first we had become used to having 6-8 software programs open at the same time. But it’s a lot of time we spend redundantly taking information from this system and having to go re-apply it in that system... I think it will be shocking the time savings we can have.